Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Food Philosophy

So maybe I should be a little more specific about how I see all this weight loss stuff.

Here's my philosophy.

I don't believe in "dieting." Whether or not you might classify what I'm doing as dieting is up to you. I don't. I'm not following some published nutrition plan.

You might ask, "Charlotte, why are you so insistent on not following one of those diets?"

Because I insist on being realistic here.

Like my dad's birthday is coming up. If there's cake. I'm likely to eat a bite. Yes, one bite.

And next week if I decide to eat a doughnut, I'm going to eat a doughnut. And I insist on not making myself feel guilty about it.

Instead, I'm going to account for that doughnut, and I'm going to make the conscious choice to be responsible for it. Responsibility for my doughnut choice entails a few things:
  • Eat only ONE
  • Eat it slowly and enjoy the heck out of it
  • Including it in my food tracking - no lying to myself that it doesn't count
  • Try to walk a little longer, work out a little harder the next few days
  • Make sure I am better with my nutrition for the next few days
  • Let it go, and still love myself
So, in a little bit when I post about today's plan, and how it didn't originally include eating potato chips, yet I ate potato chips, you'll see that it'll all work out. Because I refuse to let that potato chip choice influence me further. It's a choice I made. And as long as I take the responsibility of that choice, it will be ok.

And as far as the types of foods I eat?


I don't do anything fancy shmancy. As much as I enjoy watching Food Network (and I really do), I will hardly ever make a recipe shown on those shows. Maybe I have an unsophisticated palate. Maybe I just like everyday, no frills, food.

I don't eat tofu. Maybe because I've never tried it. Maybe someday I will. Not today though.

I like to eat what I call farm-style. Vegetables. Preferably fresh. (I try growing my own: so far we're up two zucchinis and maybe a few tomatoes. Luckily  my parents grow an amazing garden and are generous enough to share.) Whole grains. Lean (or somewhat lean) meats in small portions.

 When I buy fruits and vegetables at the grocery store I don't buy organic. I'm on a budget here, people. I just do the best I can.

And I think that it will all work out.

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