Monday, August 12, 2013

The Brutal Truth

Hi. I'm Charlotte. I'm overweight. And I'm finally doing something about it.

To not be boring with all of the details, here's the short of the story.

April 2008 - Got married at around 210 pounds
October 2008 - Two months pregnant, 222 pounds
January 2009 - Still 222 pounds... how I managed that, I have NO CLUE
May 2009 - Baby boy was born, with me at 265 pounds! (How in the world did I put on 40+ pounds in four months?!?!)
January 2011 - Got tired of my clothes cutting off circulation (little joke there...), started to exercise and watch my eating. Weighed in at 240
May 2011 - Weighed in at 201! 
Summer 2011 - Things got interesting in the home life, and all diet & exercise went the way of the wind
September 2011 - Pleasantly surprised by pregnancy
May 2012 - Baby boy was born, with me topping out around 240 pounds
April 2013 - Weighed in at 240 pounds. Again, got tired of the tight clothes, getting winded at the top of the stairs, feeling blob-ish. Started weight loss endeavors again!
August 2013 - Weighing in now at 211 pounds, but have been at some sort of stand still for a good month or so. 

TODAY - Ready to really get started again.

I have six weeks until some pretty exciting events. Think I can drop 20 more pounds by then? The bet's on...

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